Jeep Wrangler Fordite, Pendant(077)

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Jeep Wrangler Fordite, Toledo, OH.

I cut and polished this Fordite pendant stone myself from a piece of rough that was similar to that shown in the last picture. This pendant was cut in a JDBL Signature bulging trapezoid shape. This pendant has a great pattern of bold color bands in orange, yellow, metallic blue and silver. The large areas of color, combined with the contrasts, make this pendant quite "poppy". The reverse side has a wavy diagonal band pattern, with a much different look, making this a very nice reversible candidate. Just like all of my Fordite creations, this one is as unique as a fingerprint and will appeal to anyone who likes these colors.

I cut this stone for a Pearl Mounting. This setup allows for wearing the pendant with either side showing, as well as giving the best possible views from all sides.

About the pictures- All of my pieces are handmade and hand cut one at a time. As such, no two are alike. The pictures shown here are the exact piece you will be getting. The first two pictures shown here are two angles of the front side of the pendant. The third picture is the reverse side of the pendant.

The bail was handcrafted in my shop and is Sterling Silver.

As with all of my pendants, this pendant comes with a nice gift box.

The overall size (incl. bail) is approx.: 1.38 X .71 X .25 inches - NOTE: The absolute best way to tell if these dimensions work for you is to use them to compare to a pendant you already own.

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