My Fordite Pendant Features

Posted by Lee Zimmerman on 15th Feb 2014

Features of my Fordite Pendants

NOTE: The video shown here may not start automatically. To start, just left click if on a PC or tap static image if on mobile device.

Firstly, the pendant shown here is not the pendant you will be getting. However, the Fordite pendant you order from me will have all of the same features.

Secondly, I made this pendant for my wife nearly a decade ago, and I still make them the same way!

Every single Fordite pendant I make looks different, but there are many things you can take from this post to help fill in the blanks left by the pictures I show in my item listings. 

Every Fordite stone I cut starts with a plan. That means that each stone is purpose cut for what its end use will be. In this case, I used one of my own custom made teardrop templates to lay out an appropriate size and shape. This is one of my most popular shapes and it tends to work well with many different patterns.

Because the stone will be top drilled for the bail system shown toward the end of this video, the stone itself must be thick enough to withstand that process, but it can't be too thick or it will appear odd and chunky.

All of my Fordite pendant stones are always finished and polished to a high luster, front, back and sides. The edges are either relieved or radiused, depending on the design. This helps protect the edges from chipping, and gives a nicer overall appearance.

The reverse sides of many of my pendants are appealing in their own right. My designs allow for fully reversible usage as desired.

I make my own Sterling Silver bails. These bails allow the pendant to hang true, and the hinge like nature of these bails puts virtually no undue stress on the Fordite stone itself. This design has withstood the test of time, with almost no breakages in the field. With over 2000 of my Fordite pendants in circulation right now, that's good sign!

Fordite pendants are my best selling item, and I usually have many different styles, colors, patterns and shapes to choose from. Feel free to browse my inventory and buy with confidence. I guarantee you will be happy with your choice, and I back that guarantee with a hassle-free return policy!

Thank you for visiting my shop.