My Storefront Has Moved

13th Aug 2022

Hello everyone! And welcome to my website.I have moved my inventory to my Etsy shop: will continue to posts updated content on this website for information and cont … read more

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Posted by Lee Zimmerman on 23rd Jan 2022

Unpacking the text in the description of this Corvette Fordite pendantFirstly, the text used in the description of this pendant:**********************************************************IMPORTANT!!!!! … read more

What is Fordite? In-depth explanation.

Posted by Lee Zimmerman on 20th Jan 2022

This is a video excerpt from my YouTube video on "What is Fordite". Approximate time stamps shown in parentheses (). Text below approximates the voice over text in my YouTube video, on my Fordite … read more

My Fordite Pendant Features

Posted by Lee Zimmerman on 15th Feb 2014

Features of my Fordite PendantsNOTE: The video shown here may not start automatically. To start, just left click if on a PC or tap static image if on mobile device.Firstly, the pendant shown here is n … read more