What is Fordite? In-depth explanation.

Posted by Lee Zimmerman on 20th Jan 2022

This is a video excerpt from my YouTube video on "What is Fordite". Approximate time stamps shown in parentheses (). Text below approximates the voice over text in my YouTube video, on my ForditeMan channel.

Fordite is the formation of many layers of automotive paint. This formation occurs during the process of painting cars at a typical automotive assembly plant.

As shown here, partial car assemblies are mounted to transport skids that run on a conveyor system.

Virtually everything in the paint booth, is exposed to paint overspray. The skids and other temporary structures are also exposed to overspray paint.

In a normal modern auto plant, this process happens as much as 24 hours a day, seven days a week! The time lapse varies according to the run rate of a particular assembly plant, but eventually paint layers build up and must be removed to prevent transport issues. (Beginning thru 0:20)

Here you can see the start of an accumulation that could become something like this. (0:31)

And while most people envision car painting in the context of these recognizable partial car assemblies moving their way through the assembly process, there are also various parts that are mounted to transport parts trees to be painted separately from the rest of the assembly. As shown here. 

These parts trees are also exposed to a great deal of overspray paint. And eventually lead to formations similar to this. (0:48)

My job is to find compelling colors and patterns inside these formations, and to create stunning Fordite jewelry and accessories from what I find.

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